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Hi, my name is Bernie Sanders. I am a democratic socialist. The "democratic" part means I won't seize the means of production until the "American" "citizens" agree with me.

We live in a crazy world where business owners aren't forced by the state to provide healthcare for their employees for free. Frankly, this has to stop, as healthcare is a right. A lot of people are confused by this. They say, "Bernie, healthcare isn't listed as a universal right in the constitution. Also, please stop burning all of my family's money". To this I have a simple answer. Here is a simple diagram of my solution to this problem:

See? It isn't so hard now, is it, bigots? You know what else isn't hard? The economy. A lot of people think I don't know a lot about economics (if that were true, how could I afford my three houses?). These people are most likely xenophobes. Well, just to prove to these 1%ers that I know the economy, here is my proposed economic plan (arrows represent flow of money):

I bet you racists couldn't think of that.

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