Google Sketchup

So I was going to make a joke about how version 7 and version 8 are exactly the same, and I researched this a bit just to make sure. However, I could not find any page with Google and Sketchup in the same phrase. It turns out that Sketchup split away from Google in 2012, making my lack of version differentiation joke to be obsolete.

Really, I'm proud that something has finally (years ago) broken away from Google. Because right now, Google is just a massive black hole where all work is sucked into. It's really nice to see something escape frim its grasp.

However, is this change really for the better? As you can see, the creators of this software, @Last Software, have evolved the logo into a pretentious minimalistic one, like everyone seems to be doing nowadays. Its like, "Oh, we wouldn't want potential users to be confused by more than three colors!" And every now and then, when graphic designers want us on our toes, they throw in a gradient so instead of blue, we get a full spectrum from light blue to slightly lighter blue!

*cough, cough*

So anyway, I might as well review Google Sketchup, because my ignorance has not allowed me to bother with the new (and most likely superior) one that is probably the only one that one can download legally at this point.

So this is what it looks like when you first boot it up. You get a toolbar and a man standing in a void filled only with axes. The user interface is pretty simple, and you can get a lot of things done with it.First, you have your select tool. This is a pretty standard select tool that lets you select things. Then you have the line tool, which is for reckless architects that trust themselves enough to make lines without a template. Those rebels. Next, you have the square tool and the circle tool, for those that know their place in the architectural world. Then you have some boring tools that are uninteresting to describe, and after that you have the push-out-of-things-and-stuff tool. This tool is actually useful, and allows your squares to become cubes, and your circles to become cylinders (but not spheres though, that would be insane). After this god tool, you have some intimidating red cursors that you should only use when you have mastered the art of sketchup. After this you have camera controls. These control the camera. There are more tools, but you'll only find them once you are ready.

As you can see, Google sketchup allows you to unoriginally download models from the magical database of things people with too much time have made. You can use these to make your friends think you are a genius at 3d-modeling parties.

But now is the fun part of Sketchup: addons. Addons are available on the internet and include a stupid range of crap. For example, there is an addon that allows you to make your very own level of Super Mario 64!

Because why would you not.

There is also an addon that allows you to make source engine models. Because valve.

EVERYBODY LIKES VALVE! There are countless other addons, but I'll let you find them yourself.

Just kidding, here is a plug-in that lets you make round stuff.

In case you wanted to trap people in toruses. You know, like one does.


So anyway, Sketchup is pretty fun software if you are okay with a few disabling bugs and you don't want to accomplish anything useful, but you want to pretend to.

I would rate this software 3 stars.