Microsoft paint. Maybe the most hated rendering software ever.
But why? Is it due to the defaultness of it? Or is is due to the extreme
limitations? Or is it because the people complaining use Windows 7
paint? In this overview, we will go over many versions of Microsoft Paint
and try to make sense of the hate, and sometimes lack of hate.

3.1 paint

In windows 3.1, it was technically called paintbrush, so it was
debatable as to whether or not I should even put this version in.
In the end I decided to put it in, as mspaint would not exist without it.

Paintbrush was one of the default programs on Microsoft's first OS
With a graphical user interface instead of a DOS prompt. The first thing
to be noted is the fact that it looks like a mobile app. Seriously, the icons
are so huge to make up for the lack of features. Another area it lacks in
is colors. I am completely aware that it was around during a time in which
computers had color ranges as small as the empty space on a floppy disk
with DooM installed, so I will pardon this.
This is the best image I could find to have been rendered in paintbrush.
Notice the complete lack of style in this picture. But would you expect anything
better from the operating system that gave us hotdog stand? No. You. Would. Not.

The Ones in Between 3.1 and 2000

My opinion of the mspaint versions
is as follows:

I seriously don't know. I have never used 95, 98, or the others.

Windows 2000 Paint!!

I could not find any good images of paint 2000.
This version of mspaint.exe was a shocker to me
after I had been using XP paint for so long. The sides
are 2 dimensional and grey. But that is not what bothered
me. The thing that irked me the most was the
dithering. I once wanted a darker yellow color. Due
to the lacking colors, I was greeted by something so horrible I won't even post an image of it.
It is disgusting.I even made efforts to tone
down the horror, but it still was horrible. Overall,
this version of paint works very well. It runs
nicely and you can do a lot if you are creative enough.
I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.
Don't ask me why I didn't give a rating to 3.1. I run the site not you.
Don't judge my lack of consistency. Donate!
I guess I should move on to the next review.

Windows XP Paint!!!!

This is the most beautiful software ever created.
I have used this software more than any other software
ever. It is made out of condensed beauty. You can use the
spraypaint tool. You can use the pencil tool(but why would you?).
Microsoft still hasn't figured out how to get the curved tool,
but that is okay because who needs curves in their art? No one.
Look! Someone drew windows xp, INSIDE WINDOWS XP!
I can't scale pictures down, sorry.(by can't, I mean I don't feel like it.)
Can you name anything wrong with this program? No, you can't.
XP Paint is perfect. If you find something wrong with it, I find
something wrong with you. The genius of this software could trick
Hitler into curing cancer. If you understand that reference, you are
a cool person. 5 out of 5 stars.
Nothing is wrong with this. Go buy Windows XP so you can use this.

Vista paint.

This is like XP paint, except you can't use it due to CONSTANT VISTA CRASHES!
So I don't really know what it is like. This is always going to be a mystery to me.

Windows 7 paint.

NO NO NOOE NOPE NOPE NO NO NO NO.Windows 7 paint is a disgrace. you have to confirm every line.
just no.