I know this isn't qb64, but it is useful. If you want to install doom on linux, and you don't know where to start, just download this shell script, run it, and you will have a (free)doom configuration all set up for you!

I haven't tested it a lot, it only works on debian, so yeah.

Nigh-useless Utilities I have made in QB64

QB64 is an update to the QBasic and QuickBasic languages designed to work on modern machines; i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit. This update has also added many features that I find rather useful. These features thrust QBasic forward into usefulness.

The following are some applications that I have made. (list subject to grow)

Litemap: the very light bitmap generator!

This application allows the user to create art assets for games and GUIs. To use this, first input your resolution and background color. Then, draw some things. Hit (or hold, depending on the resolution) the "s" key to save. Now, all of the values for the pixel colors have been saved to your clipboard, so you can paste them into your programs.

Here is an example of how one might view the drawing in a program:

DATA [this is where you would paste the values]

for y = 1 to height

  for x = 1 to width

    read dotcolor

    pset(x, y, dotcolor)




You can download litemap HERE

Known Bugs:

Choosing a large resolution may crash your computer or the program.

Sometimes saving is a bit finnicky. You may have to hold down S, or just tap it.

pickLOad: the bloated direct downloader!

If you wish to download a file that you know the url of, but you don't want to use your browser for any reason, just use pickLOad! Using this is pretty self-explanatory. I would put a screenshot here, but it the program is so ugly that I have decided against it.

You can download pickLOad HERE.

Known bugs:

Only www. support, so you can't download anything from the spacejam website.